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Geeking out on sleeping bags

With an 85km hiking trip on The Old Ghost Road planned for November I'm starting to get nervous about training and being fit enough to carry a pack with enough food for five days. And nervous about how much this pack is going to weigh.

With that on my mind, I splashed out on a new light-weight zipless sleeping bag. It's seriously has no zip and weighs in at only 800g - and warm enough for three seasons on the trail (i.e. any time, but winter).

I was so excited when it arrived that I tried it out at home that night and I loved it. Yes, sleeping bag on top of the bed covers... and I had a brilliant night. I've got the Sierra Designs bag shaped for women - and it is superb. Despite being a mummy shape I was able to sleep in all sorts of shapes and configurations.

My new Sierra Designs sleeping bag

The quilt-like top section opens out on one side and folds around your shoulder - and just like the advertising splurb, it stayed closed and snug despite a fair bit of tossing and turning to test it all out.

There is also a foot vent, accessible from underneath. It doesn't seem to let cold air in, but if you want to cool down a bit you can pop your feet out for variable temperature control.

I enjoyed the feel of the material on my skin, and had a warm and comfortable night.

That base section under the back has no fill, and the outside has a sleeve for a mat to fit in which creates a full bed system. It is an area where any fill would be squashed flat anyway and insulation would only come from the mat being used. I didn't notice anything missing using it on the bed, and assume the same will be true for the trust DoC mattresses in any mountain huts.

I can't wait to enjoy the comforts of this sleeping bag on the trail for only 800g worth of packing and carrying effort.

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