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Kiwi Brush Embroidery

The August #soapchallengeclub challenge was brush embroidery. The idea was to use #coldprocesssoap to look like the brush embroidery used to embellish cookies. It is very delicate and lace-like when done well.

For my initial attempt I wanted to try white on a dark navy background. It would have worked if I'd stuck to the plan, but I quickly found myself thinking... what about a kiwi bird, and a fantail... and... and... and so I ended up with some colours that didn't really work on navy blue - but I had a lot of fun and even tried my hand at the stencil technique - nothing to do with the challenge other than a way to use the excess soap not "embroidered".

Initial kiwi bird attempt in brush embroidery

Colours aside, I liked my version of a kiwi bird enough to decide to try to use this as the theme for my entry.

I decided on a green background for a sort of grass or fern forest look and added a bit of a neon swirl for a slash of colour.

I also wanted to try a kiwi bird theme on a range of the same size individual soaps in different colours, thinking I could enter a kiwi clan for the competition - if they worked out.

Turned out I was ahead of myself as we are only allowed to enter one photo with three soaps into the competition. Bummer. I had a hard time choosing which set to enter, but eventually settled on the green theme.

Brush embroidered kiwi soaps selected for my entry

I had just as hard a time selecting the best photo too...

I haven't got the technique perfected, but I've run out of spare time to play with the concept - so these will have to do.

Below are some more of the soaps I made along the way. It was a lot of fun. The flowers are closer to the proper brush embroidery I was supposed to be doing.

The other trio in the kiwi clan

UPDATE: Amy kindly let me know that you need to log in to comment on this blog (ggrrrrr Wix). If you're on Instagram please pop over here (and sorry for the additional link).

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