Frequently asked questions

Are your soaps natural?

This is a hard question to answer as everyone's definition of natural is different. In addition, soap does not occur naturally, so soap is be definition made via a chemical reaction. That said, our soaps are made from quality oils, water, sodium hydroxide with either fragrance oils or essential oils and again either laboratory-made nature-identical colourants or naturally occuring colourants.

Do you limit your environmental footprint?

Yes, we only purchase responsbily and sustainably sourced oils and products. Our soaps do not contain palm oil and our micas for colour are lab-produced nature-identical, not mined with child labour. For packaging we use biodegrabable polypropylene film or brown paper bags.

Are your soaps vegan?

Yes! All of our soaps are made using plant matter only.

How long would a custom soap order take to make?

Soaps require a cure time of 4-to-6 weeks so custom orders need to be placed at least a month or two before they are required. The soaps are usable before then, but last longer and perform better when allowed to cure. The rest depends on the actual order and whether we have the ingredients and moulds in stock, or have to order them in. A two-month lead time is ideal for most orders. Some special soaps, like a pure olive oil Castile soap require a much longer cure time.

Why should I buy your soap?

Wild Wolf Soaps' range of soaps have been sepcially formulated to produce a long-lasting bar of soap with a nice lather, that cleans well but doesn't dry out your skin. Our ingredients are carefully selected - which means no nasty chemical surprises, people with sensitive skinds find them nicer and less irritating to use; and our soaps smell great too!

Do you make cupcake soaps?

No! I tend to avoid making soaps that look like food. After a couple of years of being told that your soap "looks good enough to eat" it gets a little stale (yes, pun intended). Also cupcake soaps look pretty but their awkward shape means they are really not nice to use. But if you really, really want one hit me up with a custom order.

Why are some soaps more expensive than others

Our prices vary based on the ingredients used to make the soap. Products with essential oils will cost more than unscented soaps or soaps with fragrance oils, simply because essential oils are more expensive to buy. The same applies to the different oils, usch as hemp seed oil, and other ingredients used to make our soaps.

How long do your soaps last?

This is a how long is a piece of string kind of question. Our soaps are formulated to be long-lasting, but how long they last depends on how often you use them, how hard you are on soaps in general, as well as how they are stored between use. Generally if your soap is stored on a soap stand that allows it to dry out between uses, your Wild Wolf Soaps will last surprisingly well.

Do you sell shampoo bars?

Yes! My curly hair is particularly fussy and I've not been able to create a soap-based shampoo bar that works for me, even with an apple cider vinegar rise afterwards. As a result I've tested and tweaked recipes using mild synthetic detergents to produce a solid shampoo bar that is PH balance for hair, and won't strip away colour. This, in combination with our solid conditioner bar, keeps my hair soft and tangle free with bouncy curls. Some people, particularly those with short hair and those with straight hair, are able to use soap as a shampoo - and even swear by it. My hair does not tolerate it and responds better to a shampoo that is PH balanced for hair (around 5 or 6 - as opposed or 8 or 9 found in soap-based shampoo bars). This is a matter of personal preference.