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Our focus is on hand-crafted artisan soaps and specialty soaps. Prices for one-off soaps or larger orders for special occasions are probably not as prohibitive as you might think.

We have a large range of special shape individual  and loaf moulds including roses and other flowers, hearts, dragons, wolves, pirates, birds, chameleons, bears and the zodiac signs - or we can add a stamp to suit your occasion - and can produce small or large batches. Contact us today with your requirements.

PLEASE NOTE: Soaps need a four-to-six-week cure time before they are ready to use, so orders need to be placed well in advance to allow for this and sourcing any special moulds, stamps or ingredients.


The gallery below includes some examples and ideas for custom orders. At Wild Wolf Soaps we prides ourselves on our wide range of unusual specialty soap moulds from animals, bears, birds, books and Buddhas through chameleons, fish, and flowers to typewriters, wolves, zodiac month designs and just about everything in between. Plus our ability to use an inlaid designs makes it easy to make individual one-off designs if we don't have, or are unable to source, a mould that suits your needs. Please remember to allow a lead time of at least 6 to 8 weeks for custom orders.

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