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Magnesium Oil in 100ml glass spray bottles. High-concentration magnesium oil to support muscle recovery and boost magnesium levels. Can help with muscle cramps as well as calcium absorption.


We can also offer a bottle refill service for locals at $12. Contact us if you'd like to arrange this.

Magnesium Oil

  • Water, Magnesium Chloride.

  • Spray magnesium oil liberally over the body for maximum absorption.  Avoid contact with eyes and other sensitive areas. Rub well into skin. You may feel a tingling sensation. For relief of sore muscles or strains apply magnesium oil directly to that part of the body, massaging in. Magnesium Oil may be left on the skin or rinsed or wiped off after 20 minutes. If after several applications the skin is still sensitive, the solution may be diluted with a small amount of pure water.

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